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Movie Recommendation - A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

If you guys have spare time (and let’s be real, we spend 24 hours a day on Tumblr) or you’ve just been looking for a good movie to watch, I wanna recommend Thai movie called, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. 

Synopsis: (Asian Wiki) The ordinary 14 year old girl Nam is unattractive or in simple terms…ugly. But she’s always been secretly in love with an older guy in grade 10 called Chon, the most popular student in high-school. He’s hot, perfect and generous, and that’s what makes girls go crazy about him, including Nam too. But she doesn’t give up easily. She tries to do everything to make her get noticed by the boy she loves, in the hope of him turning around to look at her just one more time.

Personal thoughts: It’s not exactly your typical Asian movie but it’s really good for people around our age who still like the whole romance side of things. And this actually is a romantic comedy! And Mario Maurer is insanely attractive if you’re into hot Asian guys. (;¬_¬)

Movie: (^•ᴥ•^)

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